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Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
...In my previous attempts I had always backed the tank thing out after destroying the towers rather than pushing forward with it. Hopefully it works this time...
yeah, she starts out slow. I usually claim the two fan geysers in the middle of the battleground before I see any troops from Ophelia. Last time I marched my troops down destroyed one of her merch booths in front of her stage and then told everyone to trash the stage. They were all killed pretty quickly when Ophelia turned up and then she set about wiping everything else out.

I'm thinking that much of my problem is not using the right units to do things. Next time I'm going to build a couple of sets of roadies and use them to knock down merch booths. The rest of the units will just protect them and help them march/sneak up the arena.

Also, I have to learn how to fight better. As much as it is disturbing to admit, Ophelia kicks my ass at the moment and hacking at her with an electrified axe is not -scuse the pun- cutting it. What combos are people using to hammer the bosses?
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