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Stretching in his seat Dravin looked around noticing business was slowly picking up as the time passed by. This usually meant that more ships were in the hanger bay. With a slight grin upon his face he stood up and started to walk towards the exit. His footsteps were soft upon the metal floor. He always took great measure to make sure his presence wasn't known if he was ever going to leave. Last thing he needed is rejected clients to stalk him as he went to 'procure' a new ship for himself.

His head was slightly tilt down at an angle allowing his hood to hide his face as he walked out of the Cantina. His destination was the Hanger bay. So many of those patrons had ships, and it wouldn't take much effort on his part to change the mainframe of the ship to make it seem like he was the owner. Next to his martial art abilities his ability with technology was quite impressive. This planet after all was one of many planets that was a paradise for smugglers such as himself.

"Stop there Dravin!" a familiar voice said from behind him.

Dravin let out a soft sigh as he turned around to see Corris standing there pointing a shaking blaster at him. This was a little amusing to Dravin. He already knew Corris was a horrible shot at best so the threat was minimal. Slowly he took steps towards Corris his hand placed over the handle of his blaster. When Dravin finally stopped he stood over the man that was threatening his life.

"What is it you want Corris?" Dravin said in a low threatening tone.

"Uh.. well... I'm...I'm going to make you... do the contract." Corris said, fear engulfed in his words.

"Your going to make me, are you?" Dravin said with slight laughter "And how are you going to do that?"

Corris didn't respond he didn't say anything. He just stood there his hand holding the blaster shaking uncontrollably. This was a little more amusing to Dravin then before.

"Suggestion Corris" Dravin said breaking the silence. He leaned in close to Corris's ear and whisper "Run..."

As the word finished escaping his lips Corris ran in the opposite direction that Dravin was going dropping his blaster along the way. Shaking his head Dravin turned around and continued his journey to the Hanger Bay, to check out the merchandise of ships that were docking.

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