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Another un-optimized console port I take it?

Wow, those are like twice the specs I quoted. I imagined they would change,
but this much?

I'd almost be better off emulating the PS2 version of the game the way
my PC is right now!

* Memory: 2 GB RAM
* Hard Disk Space: 23.8 GB + 1 GB Swap File
Whoa... 2 Gigs of ram, just like Ghostbusters PC. I guess I will be investing in more
ram after all.

This product does not support Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT.
That kills me... I am sick and frickin' tired of new games ONLY XP "and up."
You'd think the reason they need so much memory is BECAUSE of those bloated OSes
(oh well, cue anti-microsoft rant here).

Until there's a work-around, this game is going nowhere on my system, even WITH
a big ram order.

23.8 gigs + 1 gig swap file? Sheesh. Console companies make a fortune selling hard drives, huh?
Good thing I have a 500 gig removable drive just lying around.

I know that System reqs are not absolute.

Doom3 required a MINIMUM of 384 megs of ram (with 512 recommended).
My system has 256, and I was able to play the Demo just fine. Granted, it
took awhile to load levels (not as long as Unreal Tournament 2004) and
the action got a bit choppy if there were more than three enemies onscreen
at once, but otherwise it was quite playable. Initially I tried to play the game
back when it came out, and my system was loaded with crap (no reformat
in 2+ years will do that to you, even with win2k). After a fresh format it was playable.

But this, no way. I'll need to buy another 1.75 gigs of ram at least.

Screw the Xbox360 pad (I expected as much since it's a direct console port).
I have a PS2 gameport converter so I already have the capability. Unless you
need dual analog triggers, which I doubt since they have key+mouse support.

The thing is that for a game like JKA, about half the game is first person, so
mouse+keys works best there (unless you're a high flying action joystick user like
Vagabond or Lathain Valtiel), but for the third person stuff, a good gamepad will do.

I wasn't expecting to buy this game for full price opening week anyway, so I guess
I'll have to wait a bit longer...

PS: Looks like Amazon has shifted the ship date of the Mac version to Nov. 23rd (from Nov 4th).

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