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Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post
Another un-optimized console port I take it?

Wow, those are like twice the specs I quoted. I imagined they would change,
but this much?

I'd almost be better off emulating the PS2 version of the game the way
my PC is right now!

Whoa... 2 Gigs of ram, just like Ghostbusters PC. I guess I will be investing in more
ram after all.

What kills me though is the lack of Windows 2000 support. I am sick and frickin'
tired of new games only supporting XP/Vista. You'd think there reason they need
so much ram is BECAUSE of those bloated OSes (oh well, cue anti-microsoft rant here).

Until there's a work-around, this game is going nowhere on my system, even WITH
a big ram order.

23.8 gigs + 1 gig swap file? Sheesh. Console companies make a fortune selling hard drives, huh?
Good thing I have a 500 gig removable drive just lying around.

I know that System reqs are not absolute.

Doom3 required a MINIMUM of 384 megs of ram (with 512 recommended).
My system has 256, and I was able to play the Demo just fine. Granted, it
took awhile to load levels (not as long as Unreal Tournament 2004) and
the action got a bit choppy if there were more than three enemies onscreen
at once, but otherwise it was quite playable. Initially I tried to play the game
back when it came out, and my system was loaded with crap (no reformat
in 2+ years will do that to you, even with win2k). After a fresh format it was playable.

But this, no way. I'll need to buy another 1.75 gigs of ram at least.

Screw the Xbox360 pad (I expected as much since it's a direct console port).
I have a PS2 gameport converter so I already have the capability. Unless you
need dual analog triggers, which I doubt since they have key+mouse support.

The thing is that for a game like JKA, about half the game is first person, so
mouse+keys works best there (unless you're a high flying action joystick user like
Vagabond or Lathain Valtiel), but for the third person stuff, a good gamepad will do.

I wasn't expecting to buy this game for full price opening week anyway, so I guess
I'll have to wait a bit longer...

PS: Looks like Amazon has shifted the ship date of the Mac version to Nov. 23rd (from Nov 4th).
TFU has psyhics engine and like ghostbusters it really needs the CPU and ram. I'm a bit surprised at the hard drive space requirements.
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