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"How about discussing efficiency overall? You guys sure took your sweet time"

Hank elbowed Akira in the ribs and spoke when the woman walked ahead.

"Somebody sounds a little up tight, but not a bad looker."

He followed the group into the transport and looked around. Almost the entire crew were women. He was very glad he decided to check out the labs. They all began talking about some doctor or something and Hank lost intrest. He began looking around at all the women in the transport.

Let's see here...That one's too young, is that one an older sister? They look the same, eh maybe. There's that one girl again, that one next to her looks to dark for that a puppet? that puppet talking on its own? Freaky! What was I doing again...

"So, you're saying that we're nothing compared to this Zeus thing? If he can wipe out a colony, then I can't even imagine what else he could possibly do."

Hank snaped out of his train of thought and looked around at the group.

"Aw come on now Ming, this Zess thing doesn't sound too scary. Its either we pass or we fail, and I don't fail. Besides the bigger something is, the more bullets I get to put into it!"

"By the way, I'm Xi Ming. Joined up with these guys back down in that lab or whatever it was. Who are you guys?"

"Good call Ming. I'm Hank Coleman, Special Forces. Hank's just fine. I saved these guys back at the labs, and I'm guessing you're all angels." He said in his usual cocky attitude.
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