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"Somebody sounds a little up tight, but not a bad looker."

Akira didn't really react much to the elbow jab or the statement. You didn't really talk about commanding officers in that way, but Akira guessed Hank to be right, the Captain was actually quite attractive.

Suddenly he heard someone calling his name and he turned to see who it was.

To his surprise, it was Sergeant Yamamoto, all smiles in a black field uniform.

"Ah! Akira! You just got back, took bloody long enough. What did I say about long missions?"

Akira gave a quick salute and bow to his mentor, "You said that long missions diminish strength, initiative, and therefore the chances of victory are smaller."

The Sergeant nodded, "Well, good that you remembered, but you guys are back, and in one piece, so I'll allow this to pass."

He chuckled, "Anyway, I just got assigned as a support operative, so I'll be collecting information for the strike force's missions. And by the way, I think we just found some good information, your commanding officer is sharing it right now, so let's get over there."

Akira nodded and followed Yamamoto, who led him to where the others were gathering. They heard the short announcement on this "Zeus" weapon.

"If everything goes according to Doctor Hyman's plan... we're talking about the end of the FTSS. Nothing would be able to stop it, not even all of us combined."

Akira took a step forward, "Then what can we do against this? Hyman's plan cannot possibly be that far advanced already?"

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