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"Its called a "Navigation Console", Lyna." Cade smirked. "It alerts us when we are about to reach our destination. But thats beside the point..."

Lyna smiled. "Ah. I see." She stood near the doorway, waiting for Cade to get ready. As she waited, Lyna thought if Cade knew that... well... she didn't want to think that. But... he still cared, right?

The young girl sighed, and quietly laughed. "Aww, Cade's a great guy. No matter what." She then heard Cade's voice.

"Everybody get ready. Lyna, prepare the ship for docking. I'll be with you shortly to request permission to land."

"M'kay. Will do," Lyna said with a smile. She walked back to the cockpit, and deactivated the hyperspace navigation. The planet Socorro was now in view. After going through the atmosphere, Lyna flew over the Black Sands. Ahead, she could see the old Crimson Axe ship that was permanently in an old Sarlaac pit.

Cyan jumped on Lyna's head, and let out a low squeal, hiding her little face. Lyna smiled. "Aww, don't worry, Cyan. It may look like a scary place, but no ones gonna hurt us." She gulped nervously.
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