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"Good call Ming. I'm Hank Coleman, Special Forces. Hank's just fine. I saved these guys back at the labs, and I'm guessing you're all angels."

Juno and Illya both looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

"We're Division 9's Elite Strike Force Unit. Our duty is the safeguarding of all ancient magical artifacts and the prevension of their use by hostile organizations both foreign and domestic", Commander Terranova answered. "And I'm the commanding officer of this unit, Commander Terra Carrington. These are Captains Aiko and Terranova. And our head physician and healer Asuza".

"Then what can we do against this? Hyman's plan cannot possibly be that far advanced already?"

"In order to power up Zeus, he needs to finish his research and awaken project Q, R, T, U, V, W, X, Y. You've already faced Shevlan, project S, Alyssa also known as Project A, and Kreik, aka project K", Pandora said. "Obviously, I'm project P. But I was not developed by Doctor Hyman, he stole me from the facility that genetically engineered me. I had a master, she was a kind woman, a knight of the Federation, she was killed and Doctor Hyman promised me revenge, but as I took over Shana, I realized how I was wrong, and she wouldn't have wanted me to carry revenge like this. I will find the one who killed my master and bring them to justice".

"We eliminate Doctor Hyman! He's the only one who knows how to activate Zeus, correct?"

"Indeed, the best course of action would be to eliminate or aprehend him. But his base remains mobile. The only thing left we have is to await another attack and aprehend one of the projects ourselves", Pandora said and looked at everyone. "I realize it is a gamble but the other projects as powerful as they are, are nothing compared to Z if it is awakened. None of us have ever seen Z".

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