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Cade walked into the cockpit and jumped into the empty co-pilot seat. As they long passed the Crimson Axe, and the city of Vakeyya was in sight, Cade opened a communication channel.

"Vakeyya Dock Control, this is Ossanian Angel requesting permission to land."

A female operator voice replied. "Ossanisn Angel, this is Vakkeyya Dock Control 4. We are processing your request and scanning your registration."

"Copy that..." Cade looked back at Lyna with a slight grin. "Good thing I replaced those Registration Plates." he whispered. "Otherwise, we'de have Imperial TIE Fighters on our ass!"

"Ossanian Angel, this is Dock Control. Your permission has been granted! Proceed to Docking Bay 12."

"Thank you very much!" Cade closed the communication channel. The ship made a landing on top of a platform within the dome-shaped docking port. Cade stretched.

"Great! I'm hungry. My treat?" Cade beamed. "We also better scout around for another assignment."
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