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I should go.
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"Indeed, the best course of action would be to eliminate or aprehend him. But his base remains mobile. The only thing left we have is to await another attack and aprehend one of the projects ourselves. I realize it is a gamble but the other projects as powerful as they are, are nothing compared to Z if it is awakened. None of us have ever seen Z".

Sergeant Yamamoto took a step forward.

"We'll need intel to go about this properly...and you, Project P, if you don't mind me calling you that, were probably the last in contact if I assume correctly. Do you know of any leads that will help?"

Akira smiled and chuckled a little. That was Sergeant Yamamoto all the way, straight to the point, completely serious while on business. He crossed his arms and awaited the response from Project P or their commanding officers.

you very much
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