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"Well, this is a cruiser we're talking about," Tech mentioned. "Unless we want to be dancing there for a couple for couple of hours while their making their distress call, I say we knock out their comms first with a jammer rigged to our ship and then head straight to the bridge and let Azrael take over. Then he'll kill off the rest of the Plague crew by gassing them, sucking the air out of certain portions of the ship, using the ship's automated defenses, etc. We can rig whatever airlocks the Plague use with traps, since chances are that their own boarding parties will have a ship to their back to prevent them from being ejected into space."

"Oh so wonderful are the drums of war. Plotting humanity's next suicidal attempt at its own salvation I see? How I delight in the notion of executing more Plague soon in a variety of excruciatingly painful or simply fun ways. The only thing I will detest is having to be stuck in a human for a part of our journey, even one as skilled with technology as Tech. I would much rather be destroying the cruiser with the power of my mighty flagship Vengeance." Azrael boomed over the room's comm system with a hearty voice, though anyone decently observant would have noted there was a bit of blood lust in his tone.

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