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((Yeah, I think she's with us on the ship for sure ))

"But what's to stop him from breaking out of prison? The way I see it, we can either find and apprehend him, find his projects and destroy them before they're activated, or split up into teams and find this Hyman and his projects simultaneously."

This time, Akira took a step forward.

"Spreading out would expend resources and time...and chances of success would be lower. That is why we shouldn't take prisoners. Eliminating these projects would prevent their escape and use by the enemy, and allow us to move with more liberty."

This wasn't something Akira would normally say, and he didn't like sounding cold like this. But this 'Zeus' seemed extremely dangerous, and it seemed that if they didn't solve the problem, then millions could perish. It was better that these Projects die instead of the whole of the FTSS.

Yamamoto merely nodded to Akira, perhaps in agreement.

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