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Shana saw that Kai had woken up again and seeing his smile she smiled back at him and turned to look at Asuza who had turned to look at the tank as she heard the knocking. She went to the status indicator and gave Shana a grin and nodded to her. At that moment Shana pressed the release button and the healing liquid drained. After a short moment the healing tank opened.

"Just take it easy Kai ok?", Asuza told him.

Shana continued to smile at him a single tear running down her cheek.

"Baka!", Shana said to him. "Don't scare me so much".

"But what's to stop him from breaking out of prison? The way I see it, we can either find and apprehend him, find his projects and destroy them before they're activated, or split up into teams and find this Hyman and his projects simultaneously."

"Spreading out would expend resources and time...and chances of success would be lower. That is why we shouldn't take prisoners. Eliminating these projects would prevent their escape and use by the enemy, and allow us to move with more liberty."

Commander Carrington sighed at shook her head.

"You people speak too easily about eliminating and destroying, don't forget these are people you're talking about, genetically designed by a madman, but still they are people. If we just go around ignoring the red tape, we're not any different than the enemy. We aprehend, only kill if absolutely necesary not the other way around. We're soldiers, not assassins", Terra said and paced around the room.

Pandora looked over at Ming and quickly dismissed his idea about aprehending him instead of the projects with a simply fact.

"Doctor Hyman never leaves the base, all his projects are dispatched to do the field work, you will never find him in the battle. He's a man without any care of anything other than himself, even if we were to threaten him with killing his projects, he wouldn't care. Because he only cares about the results during the activation, once it's completed they become regular foot soldiers to him. Completely expendable assets", Pandora said. "But if we can capture Kreik or Alyssa, the two of them are the closest pointmen he's got, they must surely know where and how to contact Hyman".

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