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"You people speak too easily about eliminating and destroying, don't forget these are people you're talking about, genetically designed by a madman, but still they are people. If we just go around ignoring the red tape, we're not any different than the enemy. We aprehend, only kill if absolutely necesary not the other way around. We're soldiers, not assassins."

Akira wasn't entirely surprised by Commander Carrington's response, no one liked mass-killings.

"I understand, Commander, they may still be people, but how do we know they'd allow themselves to be taken? Or maybe their genetics won't allow these other projects to cooperate? We don't know them, they're extremely dangerous, that much we do know. We'd want to handle this problem with Hyman once and for all, instead of just 1 generation, and then letting the next one worry about it. I don't mean to question your command, but Zeus would need to be stopped at ALL costs, if what we know is true."

The young soldier hoped his explanation wouldn't result in a court martial, because it did border on insurbordination. But it seemed an issue he needed to push forward.

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