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"Just take it easy Kai ok?"

Kai sheepishly tried to hide his face as he walked out of the tank. He knew his body wasn't even close to being fully healed but it would be with rest and food.

He then turned to Shana.

"Baka! Don't scare me so much".

Kai sheepishly shrugged his head and then noticed the small tear running from her eye. Why was she crying? Was she crying for him or was she crying for some other reason?

"I...I..I don't know what to say. I tried to fight both Kreik and Alyssa at the same time by myself and lost badly. If Hizuni hadn't found me when she did I would have been dead."

Kai lowered his head. I'm...I'm sorry. I did not intend to cause you worry or harm. I wanted to make those people pay for hurting you."

Kai then bowed his head in apology and then went off the join the others. There seemed to be more people in the the little group then he remembered.

He quietly listend in and quickly began to understand what had gone on after he had been knocked out. From what he could gather, this "Project Z" could not be allowed to awaken.

He gave Akira a look as he remembered what the captain had said. That Akira had had problems of his own.

Shana helped me. Perhaps I can help Akira.
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