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You people speak too easily about eliminating and destroying, don't forget these are people you're talking about, genetically designed by a madman, but still they are people. If we just go around ignoring the red tape, we're not any different than the enemy. We aprehend, only kill if absolutely necesary not the other way around. We're soldiers, not assassins

"Soldiers are trained to kill. Therefore, we should put that training to use." Ming said in a matter-of-fact tone. "But I do agree with you, we should just go after Hyman. Spreading us out could be disastrous."

Ming then saw two new people walk into the room, one boy and one girl, who both looked about sixteen or seventeen, if Ming had to make a guess. "Well, looks like we have two others coming to join us. I'm Xi Ming, and yes, I'm new here. Who are you two?"

"There is no such thing as coincidence, only inevitability" - xxxHoLiC

"Justice? But I don't serve justice, Watson, I serve the truth." - Sherlock Holmes
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