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The Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer, under the command of Darth Sethos, entered the atmosphere of the Planet known as Socorro. The design of the Pellaeon is easily associated to that of the Empire, something Darth Sethos found great comfort in. The Malevolent One was to land in the city of Vakeyya, something Sethos discovered after deep meditation. Vakkeya, as his chief intelligence officer tells him, is the capital city of Socorro, and thus its most important. Sethos did not ask the Vakeyyan Dock Control permission to land, neither did he need to. The Vakkeyan ships were too afraid to directly confront The Malevolent One.

The ship found a good landing spot in the spaceports of the massive city. The people who came out first, that of Darth Sethos and ten of his elite guard, found themselves being confronted by local police forces.

"This landing pad is reserved. Please leave immediately", said one of them, who appeared to be the commanding officer.

Sethos stared at the brave and soon-to-be dead man.

"Do you know who I am, fool?", He remarked. The officer stood his ground, then pointed his blaster at the Sith Lord. His twenty or so companions followed suit.

Sethos snatched his lightsaber from its holster with his right hand, then lighted it. The red blade was enough to scare the commanding officer, but he still did not run away. Whether it was of fear, or resolve, Sethos still does not know. Sethos then used his left hand to choke the police man, all the while lifting him up into the air.

"It's Darth Sethos to you, fool!"

With one final closing of his fist, the commanding officer found himself breathless and after a few moments, dead at the floor. The other policemen started firing at Sethos. His twenty guards dispatched of them quickly, using their red shotos while Sethos deflected all their blaster fire.

Onlookers were shocked, and they soon ran away. Sethos has made his presence known to the survivor.

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