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Hi, could someone help me? I have been looking for Battlefront 2 for a long time already. I have checked Fry's, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and every single Gamestop I see while driving. The only luck I have found is on Ebay/Amazon, but on there, the game is up for 40-100 dollars!
Can anyone tellme where to find this game other than the Internet???
Welcome to LucasForums, turgon.

It is very difficult to find in stores nowadays - and as you've seen, this has jacked up the price on auction sites and online stores. As Bokkenblader says, Steam is perhaps the cheapest place to get a copy of the game, and a good few other Star Wars games to boot.

Originally Posted by bokkenblader56 View Post
1) Steam.

2) Don't bump old topics.
The thread's a sticky, so it can't be bumped, and it's stickied for precisely the sort of question that Turgon asked.
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