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Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
The West, of course.
Pure evil

Dasvidaniya comrade....

Yeah, I too build the defense saber (usually a short blue one honouring my Guardian pals Brianna and Bao) and an attack saber in lovely Viridian. I am a wanna-be consular, ya know?

If you read the specs on the different crystals, some of them tell you exactly what their deflection bonuses are. The Lorrdian crystal definitely improves deflection, as do others. The main thing for deflection is the deflecting lens/emitter combos, which I cannot recall names of ATM. Rest assured, if you Wiki KotOR, you can find information about all of this. Or search these forums, I guarantee one of our many talented modders past and present have made a look-up sheet for this type of thing. Achilles comes to mind as a possibility.
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