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Originally Posted by DAWUSS View Post
Also, Revan and the Exile also served as strong leaders, something the Sith needed to stay united. Each of these factions had someone holding them together, being defined and built by the conflict that was (this is sorta touching up on Kreia's "finding oneself [or lack thereof]").
You kinda lost me there... I wasn't insinuating the two turned to the dark side and joined the sith empire if that's what you thought...

At the same time, if it was entirely orchestrated by the Sith Emperor, I'm not sure how he would necessarily end the conflict, since he would have to somehow stay out of it or somehow play both sides like Darth Sidious.
Sort of, but not quite. See Revan and Malak met this emperor of the sith empire beforehand and it is implied they were corrupted by the experience. Then on their way back to the core, revan and malak turned on each other--it's on the TOR website. As well as PC gamer's SWTOR world unveiling issue. (Guess we have a good hint at who took out Malak's jaw.)

Sith emperor thus set it in motion and watched from afar, allowing events to unfold to a point and biding his time. Probably realizing in time Revan would return one way or another. Probably few in the empire were aware of what really hapened between the Emperor and Revan. It is not entirely out of the realm that the Emperor and his council of 12 were bracing for this attack and leave their empire in the dark about all the details. He needed a strong enemy who at least appeared to pose a real threat to cull the disloyal and unite his people. Eventually Revan returned and the war was waged.

<snip> He (Sith Emperor) would either have to A) convince them at the external enemy (Republic) was going to attack them, or
Sort of, yes.

B) wipe one side out and lead remaining faction against the Republic.
Not sure what you're saying here...

Although, this third option popped in my head (as I type this post), being that Revan and the Exile ignited the civil war amongst the Sith to weaken them for a Republic invasion that would wipe them out (since the Republic would be rebuilt, and the Jedi Order reformed under a new set of teachings), but then the Sith Emperor managed to take control of the civil war, drawing it out long enough for the Republic to grow complacent, when he catches them unprepared.
YES. That's much more like it. It began how ever it did. But being that the Emperor of the sith had been alive for over a millenium, I'd imagine that for a while it was uncertain and that the danger was real; however, the Sith Emperor knew this would ultimately come to pass and he probably had been looking for the perfect opportunity to challenge his own people anyway. Mind you he may have planned it out but these things always start out with a vision of desire or such and are "played by the cards dealt" so to speak.

He may have had to make his move rather early, since Revan and the Exile would have eventually returned to Republic space and had them make their move.
I'd imagine the good strategist a millenia old Sith would be, at some point found a way to persevere in the face of adversity. My theory is that if the vision of Revan was a glimpse into the future, what the Sith Emperor did was find a way to drive a rift between Revan and the exile, once the Exile joined the fray. That's my theory.

Originally Posted by JesusIsGonnaOwnSatan View Post
I dunno about Jolee and Juhani... they never even hinted at what happened to them after k1, and if they had survived Sion's assassination campaign. Hopefully the fact the Bastila survived hints that they may have survived too.
Okay, maybe they survived or not...I'm unsure. Kreia says other Jedi exist...
Master Dorak's apprentice survived, I think.

Brianna: She didnt have much to do with the canon female exile, other than a good conversation on Telos... what makes you think that she will become a jedi?
Actually this is a rather interesting thing in SW EU. She is also considered to have canonically traveled with the Exile--despite her being canonically female. Some campaign book, or the ultimate visual guide or something made it so.

This might be a reference to how the early TSL copies actually played out as opposed to the second edition. In the first edition, what happened was that you got Brianna if you were lightside by the time you got to the Telos academy, and Visas if you were darkside as the handmaiden would have not joined you.

Stranger still, Visas is also canonically part of the new order...or at least I am lead to believe. Well, actually, is she or is that not confirmed? If it is, then...I guess someone is going to have some serious ret-con to do to explain that. Or Michal was odd one out, but as I understood, he eventually was trained.

It's conceivable in any scenario that regardless whichever of the 3 scenarios actually played out, all 3 were force sensitive and thus found by the reformed Jedi Order and eventually trained.

I wonder whats up with the fact that Kreia couldn't see Bao Dur's future...
Theory of fans is that he never left Telos after The Ravager attacked it. Back home as it were. Some claim he died--I personally think that is BS.

Mandalore definitely got off the ride there.

Bao Dur obviously sent the remote. I'm sure with uncertainty hanging in the balance he became ambivalent at least. Even after the events played out with Malachor V. His uncertainty might have affected Kreia's (quickly fading) ability to see into the future for him and The Droids.

We know the original HK-47 survived into the Vader era (read way above). T3...maybe that one went with the Exile, or maybe gave her the info about Revan and stayed with the Order.

I always had the feeling he would be part of the "Lost Jedi", and sit on the new council with the others.
Conceiveable. He would have to have come between the first one, Darth Ruin, and (possibly including) the 12th Lost Jedi...reference to Darth Bane: Rule of Two, where it is seen at that point in time ~3,000 years later there were 12 lost counted.

I just saw a YT vid of Kreia's prophecies. This is what she said regarding Canderous:

See the underlined bit? "A general needs an army..."
An army is used for war. That seems to imply that Revan intended to actually fight a war. Also, it makes you wonder what Kreia meant:
Sounds quite apocalyptic... Like, the end of the Star Wars universe...
Yes I know--we all knew that, unfortunately that was posted RIGHT before it was revealed that the mandalorians would get corrupted to working for the Sith. So FTR, I officially stand, err rather informed.

That's exactly what I thought would happen to her too.
Now if only they would post some risq'ue pics of her as a 19 year old secret agent.
Eh? Here's the front from the TOR "Deceived" trailer:
*snip img*
^ That just looks like random generic jedi to me...
OKay, I officially retract what I based on hazy deceiving looks. My bad.

Its Revan. I refuse to believe otherwise.
I want to believe it, but... We'll see. *pats shoulder*

... And you lot seem to forget they had an entire year to "propagate".
Actually, no I didn't.

One of the first thoughts (which I posted almost immediately somewhere either here in the KOTOR subsection or in the TOR subsection) after seeing Satele Shan's name on the web comics was: "Oh?! I guess Revan and Basty were up to *something*! "

It is my primary theory (taking care of their child) as to why Bastila was rather detached in the events that unfolded in TSL. Can *you* honestly think of a better reason? (you obviously see why I want to believe it as well)

AFAIK, he left with the Exile to find Revan... was there anything else?
As I said above, T3 could have left with exile or gave Exile the info she sought and stayed behind at her orders.

I would see something like Revan and Exile start a civil war that actually jeopardizes/poses a valid threat to the Sith Empire, creating a destabilizing and destructive machine that rolls on even after their own deaths, which is only vanquished about 100 years from TOR (100 years because the Sith Empire would need time to recover from the civil war, and then amass enough power to stage a war of their own).
I know not at me, but: Eery, that's basically what I was thinking. Except by the last half or third of it the emperor took control somehow and won. He already played both sides when Revan and Malak originally arrived and were initially corrupted.

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