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Originally Posted by Canderis View Post
I think I will, what classes/updates do you reccommend for each member?

This sound right?
Carth- Scout
Mission- ?
Bastilla- Guardian
Juhani- Consular
Jolee- Sentinel
Canderous- class unchanged, stats changed
T3M4- Completely revamped

then feats tweaked and stats changed a bit?
Carth - I would have said soldier but i think Scout is good (see below)
Mission - Scoundrel
Castilla - Consular I always saw her being more force power oriantated
Juhani - Guardian more of a fighter in my eyes
Jolee - Definatly sentinal
Canderous - Soldier (more so than Carth and who wants two soldiers)
T3M4 - sounds good

Jst my two cents though
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