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>Plague Recon Squad 418<
Char'ock looked at the large fancy building in front of him. The infidel was most likely there, it provided the best form of cover. He ordered his grenadiers to fire on the building, which all three did. Windows blew out, beams burned, circuits fried.
>Sam's house<
Sam got a few more shot's off before a beam fell three feet away from him.
"Now's the time to leave!" He yelled, and went to the safe room, were his family was hiding. He grabbed them and ran to his ship pad in the back. He litterally threw them in, and climbed up the steps after them. As he started the ship, the alien soldiers were plundering his house. He inserted a memory chip into the slot, and instantly, Ares came on the display.
"Ares, get us out of here, now!" Ares didn't question the orders, nor ask for specific directions, he just angled the ship up and started the lift off. As they slowly went through the atmosphere, something hit them, an explosive of some sort. "Sam, get out of here! Sam! Sam!"
But he wasn't listening. There was a new voice talking to him.
"Damnit Larson get up. This is not the time for napping."
Present time...
Sam leapt up. Where was his wife? The children, his ship? Right... The explosive device that hit them...
"Sir, you've been asleep for two hours, only of fourth of the rcomended sleep time for one your -" Ares said from his helmet's speakers, but was cut short by Sam. "Ares, be quiet, now please."
Sam looked at the General. "Sorry, Sir. It won't happen again sir. I've just had a rough week, sir."

Deep thought #1: In the end, everyone dies. No one can outrun time, death itself is always breathing down your neck, just waiting to slip the noose over you. But, in your time of death, what matters is not when or how or even why. What matters is what you do with it. Do you sit down and call it quits, or do you get up, stare your killer and death itself in the face, and laugh copiously, right until the end.
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