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"I am Kai. I was one of the original group that came here with the two captains and the commander. Could you possibly tell me who these other new people are?"

Hank gave a slight jump when he heard a boy speak.

"Whoa! I did not know you guys had ninjas on your ship here."

He turned around to see a boy and a girl who must have been elsewhere. He looked at the boy and than to the girl. He was actually quite impressed this boy was fighting and from the looks of him had just recovered. He reminded Hank of a teenage version of himself but a little more serious than himself.

"Pick me, pick me! Okay that guy right there is Xi Ming. I don't know too much about him other than the fact that he has a really cool name. That dude over there is Wolf but I like to call him Tex. That quiet guy is Akira, but at least he appreciates my humor. I'm Hank Coleman, but please call me Hank. I basically got our group out of the labs...okay maybe we worked together."

Hank extended his arm out to Kai and gave a slight laugh.

"I must say I'm impressed that you got to be with all of these beautiful women. Not only will it be a honor to shake your hand but I should bow to you mighty King Kai. I certaintly hope you appreciate good humor Kai...afterall every good king needs a good jester."
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