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Originally Posted by Star Admiral View Post
Hand deflection both allows you to deflect blaster bolts without a lightsaber and gives you a bonus when deflecting with a lightsaber.
This I didn't know about at all. I thought that that particular Force power tree became useless once you got your lightsaber. Interesting. Makes me rethink getting it during my next playthrough. Does the Jedi Defense feat tree affect it, as in providing the same deflection bonus that it does to saber deflection?
Originally Posted by Star Admiral
Beyond that, you'll need to boost your attack bonus. Defense plays no role in deflection and dexterity only applies if you have the Weapon Finesse feat. A successful deflection is based on your attack roll exceeding your opponent's attack roll. Exceeding it by ten or more deflects the bolt back at them.
Now this I knew about at one time, but I had forgotten the actual mechanics of how it worked.

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