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You think he will die in battle I presume. I agree if you mean to say a while later. If you pay attention, though, he stays back on Telos as Exile goes to talk to Carth. I have doubts he accompanied Exile to Malachor V.
I thought that Canderous had gone to Malachor, since he was with the Exile right as she left the Ravager. Considering how convoluted and chopped up the ending is, however (it doesn't explain the fate of any of the party members), it wouldn't surprise me.

and enough generations had passed that they were not as aprised of their forefathers' wisdom about how they have received the bad side of their deals with the sith.
What "bad side" of their ideals? I didn't know there was any other side.

Also, I didn't know HK-47 was definitively destroyed. I'd like to see where you got that from. Are you sure they destroyed him? I got the impression he was still at large.
Seems I was in error, then. Still, HK is in all likelihood trapped on Mustafar after his droid "army" kicked the bucket, but considering in retrospect how shamelessly they threw him into SWG, I wouldn't be too surprised if he resurfaced in the Legacy comic series.

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