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Originally Posted by none223 View Post
But I don't think you understand what I mean.
Like a door, there is a break in the rock barriers and you can see a path going down. And it says Korriban Canyon or whatever.
Kinda like mods that use the korriban cave exit, the only difference is that you're MAKING the exit through module editing......
Ah, yes, now I see

Well, with your idea the city and canyon are close to the academy and the valley with the big tombs.

In my mind my city and canyon are on far bigger distance, thus the need of a speeder.
Originally Posted by Lord2 View Post
Red = Blood

It's a Sith planet after all.
Allright I'll tweak the desert texture, it is from the Korriban set though.
I'll give a more orangy tone. It'll fit better in.

Originally Posted by Dark_lord_Cheez View Post
I can actually kind of see what Slstoev meant; the architecture seems very medieval, and gothic-esque, as opposed to more of a science fiction type style. But I don't think that very much matters. The design is just breathtaking, and I prefer what Quanon has built, so far, to anything in the original release of either game.
Ah, well, this city is old => ancient; so its not really Sci-fi. This was build by the real Sith, perhaps before the Dark Jedi set foot on Korriban.

I've read the Old Republic comics and found that the technology, architecture was always more based on old
civilizations here on earth.

So I stayed away from adding "modern" looks, well so to speak, Kotor is low poly modelling. Its more the textures that make it look what it is.

Also have a peak around the Korriban in K1 again, I doesn't feel and look like Mannaan or Taris, because its all about the old in SW universe.

Hope that explains it a bit better, why things look like they look.

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