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"I am Kai. I was one of the original group that came here with the two captains and the commander. Could you possibly tell me who these other new people are?"

"Pleased to meet you, Kai." Ming noticed Kai had given him an odd look after Ming had introduced himself. Probably noticed the scar, Ming thought. It always seems to have an effect on people. Ming started to open his mouth to continue, but Hank interrupted him.

"Okay that guy right there is Xi Ming. I don't know too much about him other than the fact that he has a really cool name"

Ming couldn't help but give a smile, something he rarely did. He liked the fact that Hank liked his name.

"I must say I'm impressed that you got to be with all of these beautiful women. Not only will it be a honor to shake your hand but I should bow to you mighty King Kai. I certaintly hope you appreciate good humor Kai...afterall every good king needs a good jester."

This further dialogue by Hank caused a thought to occur to Ming. Is Kai and this girl a couple? he thought to himself. They certainly would make a good one. Ming actually couldn't help himself but ask Kai, though he was afraid of seeing a bad reaction. "Kai, are you and this girl know... together?"

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