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^^^Is there any way to confirm who David Gaider is? Or that he is a lead writer of KOTOR? I see the post you refer to. IF someone could take a snapshot of his name in the KOTOR credits, then it might be possible to call it like that in a presumptuous manner based on that evidence. Obviously nothing is canon until the LA Canoecity committee approves it. BUT, This is a tremendous find! We now MIGHT have some possibility Satele Shan is a direct descendant of Bastila AND Revan. Not definite, but we now have a lead to start pressing questioning with.

Thank you, Ping!

Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
I thought that Canderous had gone to Malachor, since he was with the Exile right as she left the Ravager. Considering how convoluted and chopped up the ending is, however (it doesn't explain the fate of any of the party members), it wouldn't surprise me.
It's all good--I thought Bao Dur had been killed in the crash of the ship because he was clutching himself as though injured in his final message to Remote. It turned out I left him in bad health last I had played him in that savegame. Minor but nothing like a little detail to throw the whole thing off.

What "bad side" of their ideals? I didn't know there was any other side.
In K2, Take Mandalore to Freedon Nadd's tomb on dxun. Your lead character's inquiry will cue for mandalore's recollection of the mandalorians' history after making a pact with Exar Kun some 45 years before that. Just be curious, he'll chime in. This apparently wasn't as "glorious".

In K1 Canderous talks about how the mandalorians were defeated by Revan (bad end of the deal--but apparently this one was glorious). You eventually ask him what initially got the mandalorians started with the fighting in the first place (implying *prior* to Revan's reign as a sith): Canderous talks about sith who had made a deal with the mandalorians, promising them battle. He guesses these sith did whatever they needed to and sealed themselves away for a future time after that.

Shem brought up stillframe images of what I refer to in his "Seriously, what game did you play?" thread in the republic newsfeed section.

Seems I was in error, then. Still, HK is in all likelihood trapped on Mustafar after his droid "army" kicked the bucket, but considering in retrospect how shamelessly they threw him into SWG, I wouldn't be too surprised if he resurfaced in the Legacy comic series.
Heh, I bet you're right.

In general I am wondering what becomes of M4-78. Is it forgotten? Isn't it confirmed canon that it exists even though it never made it to the final cut of the game? Can anyone confirm this?

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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