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Looks like Intel have sneakily released the 3.2Ghz Core i7-960 priced at about $560USD... it isnt going to be everyone's first choice

Learning to cash in on Athlons good name, AMD has released a bunch of Athlon IIs, reported around the traps to be decent little performers and great at keeping cool and sucking less power - like the original athlons. These are more reasonably priced the Corei7 960

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Id mentioned the HTC hero android phone a page or so back - whilst definitely impressive - was too expensive(for what I was willing to pay for a phone) and contained features I would never use. Luckily there is now another option. I have officially put WinMo aside for a while and have entered the android phone world with the HTC Tattoo (aka 'Click') - which is a lo-fi 'entry level' (ie. affordable) android phone. I dont want to fork out $600AUD for the Hero/Magic/Dream for features I will never use - but do want to give android a go - I really love HTC 'sense UI'. The cool thing about the tattoo is that its shell is totall customsiable - you can remove every bit easily and replace with custom shells - some which you can even design yourself via HTCs site (though they havent launched this service yet)

Im happy with the silver version atm I love the little android logo on the back - pretty cute get used to stylus free texting


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