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So many landing pad's, so little ships that really fit was he was looking for. Dravin walked along the landing pad as he noticed something odd, people were screaming and running towards him. This made him slightly tilt his head to the right and let out a soft sigh. As a woman was running by he stuck out his foot slightly and tripped her causing her to fall flat on her face making a soft squeaking noise. Calmly he walked over towards her and lowered himself into a squat on her left side.

"What are you running from?" Dravin asked the female with the fire red hair as she slowly got upon her hands and needs. He could tell that fear obviously comsummed her very essence. Her big green eyes glistened with the tears of fear as if at any moment she expected Dravin to strike her down and kill her.

"Ple... please... Don't kill me." she said with a stutter in her voice.

Again he tilt his head to the side still just as confused as before. Dravin didn't think he was that threatening looking, mysterious maybe but threatening, never in his life. Slowly he ran his tongue along his chapped lips supplying some moisture to them before he spoke in a calm voice.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to know whats going on?" he let out a soft sigh.

Then suddenly he heard a buzzing sound flying through the air. He turned into the direction of the noise to see a black throwing spear coming right towards them. Dravin's hazel eyes grew wise in fear as he inhaled deeply. But before he could react when he noticed the spear lunging with all its might towards the woman it impaled her. Pinning her into the landing bay. The spear missed vital organs allowing her to suffer as she desperately clingged to life. But slowly as if he could feel it course through every fiber of his being Dravin felt her life fade away in the vast void of nothing.

Slowly he raised his hand upon the hilt of his blaster as he stood upon his two feet to look upon the being that would kill a woman over nothing. A person who edmitted the coldest aura he had ever felt. This made his jaw clench and swallow hard the saliva that was in his mouth. His heart raced in his chest that was either out of the excitment of the moment, or the begining of fear.

"Guess this is the last time I hunt for a ship alone..." he muttered to himself, ready to fight what ever this thing was.

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