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Austin had just exited the docking bay, and everyone was running around screaming.

"Why is everyone running from something? Is there some rancor running loose? Nah, probably just some angry group of gammorreons." He said to himself.

"There you are human." Said a trandoshan.

"Ah, Kalor, there you are, your supplies are here, did you notice that these people are running from something. What do you think it is?" Austin asked.

"Yes, I did see this, it is quite obvious human, many said something about a 'sith lord', but this is not what I'm here for. Give me the supplies, and I will pay you your credits." Answered Kalor. Austin widened his eyes, a sith lord, it can't be Sethos, no now.

"Uh, yeah, yeah, here are your blasters." He said. He gave him the crates of blaster rifles, and Kalor tossed him five hundred credits, and then headed off. If these are sith, they wouldn't hurt me, I'm part of the empire myself. Austin then headed off to the cantina.

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