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Try following the steps xone posted, just in step 7, use this patch instead: (

For the patch, just extract it into your MONKEY folder that contains MONKEY.000 and MONKEY.001 (or MONKEY1.000 and MONKEY.001) and run INSTALL.BAT. Follow the instructions it gives.

For step 8, you put scummtr.exe in the MONKEY directory. Then you have to open the command prompt. In XP you can go to Start Menu > Run > type cmd > press enter. It's also in Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. Once the prompt is open, navigate to the MONKEY directory (for instance, if it is C:\MONKEY, you would type cd c:\monkey and press enter. Once at the MONKEY directory, type scummtr -cw -g monkeycdalt -of mi1.txt -h -H and press enter. If that doesn't work, you might have to use scummtr -cw -g monkeycd -of mi1.txt -h -H instead.

At step 9, you just put all the MP3 files and mi1.txt from step 8 and extract mkspeech to that directory and run mkspeech.exe.

Step 10 is similar to step 8.

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