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Answer a statement with a question (QUESTION DA ANSWERS!) xD

Long before there was jeopardy to make it popular in modern culture, there was the concept of putting out an answer first in the form of a non-question and and finding the question that went with it. In this thread we play this for amusement (a few milliseconds anyhow), and humor. Sorry no points nor ending nor prize. Someone poses an "answer" and you question it...then you continue it with an answer of your own for someone else
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EDIT: There is no wrong answer if you just wanna try to be funny, however this is meant to be a more serious, and somewhat intellectual exercise in the name of fun. So please try to answer it CORRECTLY--think of it as more of a scavenger hunt. Carry on.
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At that I shall begin:

He is cornholio.


Who is Beavis?

===LET'S GO!===

This electrical physicist, immigrated to the United States from Serbia invented Alternating Current and wireless electricity that was to become Radio Frequency, as well as make numerous other inventions that were to advance the field of "robotry".

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