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"I...I-uh...I don't think of the captains that way. To me, they are my superior officers and nothing else."

Hank shook his head but still laughed. He was about to ask Kai something else before Ming asked the same question. Hank was more interested in Kai's response than he was the question. He watched the boy's face get red before he turned and walked away. Hank looked over at Ming and chuckled.

"I didn't know it was possible to get that red." He then looked over at the girl and quickly added,"He must really like you sweetheart."

Hank wanted to go follow Kai, but he knew he probably wanted to be away from everyone right now...well maybe not everyone.

"So about our two friends we need to go find...has anyone actually fought them before, because up until a few minutes ago I had no idea they existed."
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