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Deck looked up and saw a group of people approach him and the ship - given from their appearance and uniform, they appeared to be the team members for the mission.

"About 'friggin time..." he muttered. He crossed his arms, as the leader designated Null approached him.

"Mr...Deck is it? Let's cut to the chase Deck. I don't care what you did before you were sent here. The only thing that I care about is that you do what I say. Other than that I'd like to welcome you to the team."

"You must be Master Sergeant Null." he greeted. "You're slightly shorter than I expected."

He stepped away from the ramp, so as to allow the team leader to step aboard the vessel. "And its not like I have much of a choice to disobey - I'm being monitored, so to speak."

He allowed the crew to aboard the ship, and soon Deck followed.
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