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Originally Posted by Det. Bart Lasiter
finally... a bit of evidence that will get people to give up their beliefs and love one another unconditionally...........
How unfortunate that we seem to be confused as to the difference between "evidence" and "argumentation" (or in this case maybe "counter-").

Or perhaps you opted to comment without first making some effort to find out what you were commenting on?

Originally Posted by lockhead
Would those who would otherwise go to hell love god back? Would it be right for those who do love god to suffer from those who don not?

To use a similar idea, I think we have a duty of care in the world. You go to most places in the world and there are lawd and punishments to ensure that duty of care. Some places have death as a punishment. Should we then remove these laws and punishments because they are not loving?
I think this kinda misses the point.

If god loves us all, then how can hell exist? Either hell isn't real, god isn't real, or god doesn't love us all. Which of these options 1) makes the most sense (and is consistent with the evidence) or 2) are we the most comfortable with?

Originally Posted by Evil Q
And the Damned Fool Anti-Theistic Crusade™ begins anew.
Your participation, as always, is completely voluntary.

Originally Posted by Evil Q
OCD is such an ugly thing.
In light of my comment above, it certainly would seem to be the case, wouldn't it?
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