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Wolf kept his thoughts to himself. He didnt believe in the idea of apprehending Dr. Hyman - if he was transfered to a prison, there's a possibility of him escaping. Or, if the FTSS decide to go easy on him and drop charges; He is a valuable scientist, afterall.

Wolf believed they shouldnt give FTSS the chance; that they should kill Dr. Hyman before he has a chance to awaken Zeus. He was simply too dangerous to live. He decided to keep this thought to himself, and only people he will trust.

He saw Kai walk into the ship, red from embarrasment. Wolf decided to come join him - he wanted off this planet.

He saw Kai, wondering aimlessly around the ship. "I'm amazed the FTSS hires children at your age..." he sat down on a near-by seat and observed him. He crossed his hands together and held it near his mouth.

"I'm also amazed at your team's ability to use your devices; someone as young as yourself usually have trouble handling some of its side effects."

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