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Originally Posted by lockhead View Post
I am afraid that you seem to have taken the position that it has to be one of those three, to the point of ignoring anything that suggests otherwise.
Such as what?

If there are other options that you feel I am missing, please feel free to point out what they are.

Originally Posted by lockhead View Post
Reading your posts I believe this is to try and prove there is no god, and that is the only answer that you are interested in.
I'm interested first and foremost in the truth. Since there is neither evidence to support the case for god nor logical arguments to provide even the most basic foundation of such a proposition, I don't see how it would be very consistent for me to claim to be interested in the truth and accept such a claim simultaneously.

Rather than attempt to address any of the points I've raised in previous posts, it appears that you've moved on to personal attacks. An unfortunate, but common, tactic used by creationists.

Originally Posted by lockhead View Post
If that is the case then the only answer that would be accepted would be that god does not exist.
Since I stated precisely the opposite not once, but twice (most recently in the post you just replied to), I don't see how you could come to this conclusion.

What is the case is that if christians want to be consistent in their case for god, at least one part of their story needs to change. From my vantage point, it would seem that "god is not onmi-benevolent" would be the least painful of the three. Without hell, there's no need for jesus. And accepting that there is no god is no longer theism.
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