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The speeder provided by Praetorian was an upgraded version of one that the Imperial Stormtroopers used, quite a deadly and speedy vehicle. Sethos rode with two of his elite Shadow Dwellers and Praetorian, each one of them with their own unique speeders. They cruised from the landing pad to the cantina in record time, dispatching of whatever pockets of resistance they faced. The blaster fire of Sethos's speeder was soon to be proven the most effective, one shot of it disabling an enemy tank while his cohorts immediately circled around and annihilated it.

They arrived in the cantina after five minutes of travel, the long time accounted for by the rebel Vakkeyan forces they faced. All of them got out of their speeders to a bizarre scene, with a strange little creature running around only to be caught by its owner. Sethos recognized the creature immediately, as one he saw in his visions. He motioned for his Shadow Dwellers to arm themselves.

The Shadow Dwellers brought out their red lightsabers, and Praetorian whipped out his purple one. Sethos ignited the purple longsaber in his hand as well. His left hand was holding the lightsaber, and his right hand was then pointing at the woman known as Lyna Honso.

"So it is you. The survivor."

The Shadow Dwellers and Praetorian ignited their lightsabers in one quick and exhilarating second. They were ready to dispatch of whatever resistance might follow while Sethos focused his attempts on the survivor.

"The survivor. Why?"

After that second, Sethos was no longer able to control his actions. His irises were gone, not unlike the same scenario on the bridge of the Malevolent One.

"It is time for you to face judgment!"

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