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Originally Posted by michca View Post
I've only hit a few places where these visual enhancements are applied. I really like Tatooine and most of Dantooine. I really like the Ebon Hawk interior. The exterior seems to be different depending at which planet you are docked. The red design when on Tatooine is pretty good, though the neon purple on Dantooine I don't like so much.

I just went color crazy here
I was put off by Taris. It appeared to me as though someone got carried away with a knurling tool. And the pink keys on doors? I removed the Taris enhancement. I really did not like that. I would really rethink this one.

Taris was tricky it uses the most textures out of all planets
Dantooine I mostly like. I did find the curcuit board pattern used for building trim to be out of place. I removed it to use the default instead. And I prefer the wheat colored grasses so kept that instead. But otherwise Dantooine looks great. Good job.

Tatooine so far is simply wonderful. The rich textures in the sand and on walls is excellent. This is by far my favorite.

Yes it is well done like onderon was
Ebon Hawk interior is great. Getting some color and tactile switches adds a lot of punch, a lot of depth. Great job there.

My first ebon hawk texture was a disaster so i redid it for this mode
So far I also I like the creatures and droids enhancements. I really enjoyed the look of the Bantha. That was probably the most standout for me. I like the looks of the Selkath as well. Some interesting patterns going on there.

Many people did not realize i was trying to add depth to the skins of the creatures/droids instead if flat cartoon ones
I'll probably hitting up Kashyyk next, and then Manaan.
Thanks for your in depth comments its always a hit and miss when making textures for 11 different modules. I think at times how can i make this planet look different from another. Some planets are more liked than others but at least you like most of them

Originally Posted by michca View Post
I've just entered the Shadowlands of Kashyyk. Just a quick note to say that so far Kashyyk looks great. About the only thing that's not so appealing is that you've got the same pattern running across the Czerka mgr's desk as on the walls of the office. I don't know if that's simply a limitation of the map design. But the desk should definitely be using a different texture or if it must be the same texture as the walls, I would use something a little more neutral. I really like the texture used for the foors while on the walkways. Trees look great as well.
I'm glad you liked it outside environments are easier than inside ones

The engine it self will re use textures so i don't know how to prevent that

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