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Originally Posted by Varrok View Post is somewhere in your MI:SE files Try searching in game folders (Data?)
Ah, so it is. It is in the Audio folder. That little part should probably also be added to the instructions.

Okay, so I've successfully implemented The Secret of Monkey Island (CD/Talkie) edition. There were numerous errors in the mkspeech.exe install, stating something like 4100 things were modified but the remaining 4000 had errors (I neglected to write down the numbers unfortunately. I do have the missing.txt file, however if anyone wants it). Now, onto errors I've encountered in the first 10 minutes of play.

The Pirate Masters (?) in the SCUMM BAR are not very good at simultaneously chanting. "The Three Tests" (or whatever it is) didn't have audio, nor did a caption a bit prior to it. When they chant "Grog! Grog! Grog!" together, it comes out more like "Gra Gra Gra", being cut off at the ends. The next round of chanting also doesn't have audio nor does the trio of "Har Har Har"s. I'm guessing that simultaneous voices just don't work well with the speech implementation. The first and last lines of LOOM man don't play sadly.

I rather figured that there would be some audio errors since this still isn't out of beta, and overall it is very well done. I especially like the reimplementation of the dog in the bar. If there is any fairly easy way to correct these text problems, I can try, if someone could just give me some pointers. Thanks for all the hard work! This talkie version is awesome!
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