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"I'm amazed the FTSS hires children at your age..."

Kai's head whipped around at the sound of Wolf's voice. He hadn't noticed anyone else inside the ship.

"I'm old enough to serve in the FTSS. That's all that really matters."

"I'm also amazed at your team's ability to use your devices; someone as young as yourself usually have trouble handling some of its side effects."

Kai nodded. At first it had been very hard to use the device but it had gotten easier over time. Developing new techniques had helped as well.

"At first it was very difficult using the devices. But now it is much easier to handle both the device and the side affects that come with using them."

He looked down at the Dark Guardian and was slightly suprised to see that it was dark. No power seemed to be running through it.

That's not the first time that has occured. I'll take it apart and fix it later.
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