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"Of course you may. Please, ask away."

Wolf made sure nobody else was listening. "Our objective is to either capture or eliminate Dr Hyman. Only one part of that mission I like."

He crossed his arms. "Lets face it; the FTSS ain't a perfect government. They've made mistakes in the past where it led people to war. They basically abandoned me and my team during a rescue operation on Omaga. Hence, why I left the FTSS."

"Dr. Hynam is officially labelled the most dangerous man in the galaxy. He has access to a dangerous weapon that can obliterate innocent lives. Yet despite his criminal status, he is the most valuable scientist anyone can have. If we capture him, chances are the FTSS will drop charges and use him to there own advantage."

"What I'm basically asking is... Should we give them that chance? In my opinion, we should put a bullet through his head before they get a chance to apprehend him. He's just simply too dangerous to live - and there are alot of lives he has yet to answer for."
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