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As the shock persisted up his legs and sent an ache to his crotch and stomach, Aiden made the healthy mistake of attempting to stand. He wouldn't do that again. Next to him, although he was rather blinded by the parachute at this point, he looked around for Eve. A swift kick to his groin told him where she was.

Aiden's end of the canvas was thrown off of him and Eve stood there, completely bedraggled, her hair a mess, her teeth clenched, her eyes seething. She was actually pretty hot, except the area of Aiden's body that would normally respond to this was busy deciding whether it could still produce viable children or not. Such a sorry loss.

"You bastard, you pushed me out of that plane!" the bane of man roared.

It was true, he had. Although it was still rather hard to focus on his end....

"We're not dead, right?" he commented weakly.

A grunt of aggravation and a stomp of the foot, and then Eve simply shouted, "That's not the point!" and then dramatically turned around and crossed her arms. Damn theater classes, he thought.

Mumbled, "Well, our children might be dead at this point."

Eve said simply, "We're not having children."

"We're not even married yet."

Turning around, Eve smiled and cooed at him, "Aww, you said yet! You do love me, you suicidal maniac."

"It was fun."

"I know."

A loud yell interrupted, or rather postponed, their fight. Except this time Aiden was more awake than Eve was. Standing there was someone that he had not seen in a very, very long time.


Which only meant one thing.

This thing was big.
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