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Null shook his head as thing started heating up in the cockpit. He could tell this was going to be a longer flight than he expected.

"That's enough from all three of you. Do I need to remind you all this mission is humanity's last chance at fighting The Plague, or do you all want to argue some more like children. If you all can't get along now, what makes you thinks we'll be able to pull this mission off as a unit?! Now everyone sit down, start acting like a team, and get ready for the mission!"

He felt himself getting madder by the second so he decided to go take a look at the weapons they had on board. Null got up and looked over at Deck.

"So I guess you read my file too...good read wasn't it?" he said commenting on all that he had been through including his first contact with The Plague.

He walked out of the cockpit and made his way to the armory. For some reason looking at guns always made Null feel better. Why this worked he would never know.
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