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" you sense that? Like many lives all throughout this city, no, the planet are crying out, many being silenced."

Cade stood up, and stared off into space - as if he was trying to get a sense of what was going on in the outside world.

"We've got company! I hope you kept your Lightsaber since you left the Imperial Knights..."

Cade pulled out his blaster pistol, and ran out of the Cantina to chase after Lyna. As soon as he got out and breathed the night air, four figures with red lightsabers stood on the red sand. Cade looked up, and saw Lyna up in the air and landed on a small building.

"I dont friggin' believe this..." Cade breathed a heavy sigh. "When are you sith gonna get it through your thick skulls? Your not wanted!"
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