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Deck brushed himself off. "You're Mia's cousin, huh?" he whispered. "I can see why she wanted to get away from somebody as psycotic as yourself."

It wasnt entirely kidnapping. Deck was on a smuggling mission to Eridanus V, where he stumbled upon Mia - who was a member of a family of noblemen. She requested to be taken off that backwater planet, to flee from her father and family so she can be with some guy she was real close to. After dropping her off on Asgard, they havent kept in contact ever since. He does have her residential ID code, incase she required assistance.

"Looks like I did her a huge favour..." he thought. He waited till Jack left the room and glanced up at Tech. "Pardon me for asking, but why did you guys hire him? Public Relations? He has a really short fuse, which could seriously endanger the mission."

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