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Had a bit of a 'dry patch' with modding lately, but in the last few days I got a few new idea's so i'm trying out some new things.

I've got two files ready for release that I might as well show.

The first is a head mod for TSL. If you've ever looked at the Goto head texture, you'll see it has a blue tinge. I've removed that and now the head actually looks human. I've made it a selectable head. It also comes with an edited Weequay model as the default clothing:

Second is a portrait pack for K1 that I made. (Every bugger else appears to have made one, so why not? )

As for things i've yet to start, i'm going to make a mod that's basically like ChAiNz.2da's longsaber crystal pack, but with TSL Patcher, so there's less problems for people who aren't comfortable editing 2da files.

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