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"So, you've remained a bit quiet. Who are are you?"

Shana turned to face Ming and bowed slightly.

"I am Shana Terranova", she presented herself with Illya's last name which made Illya smile. "I'm Captain Terranova's sister."

She then watched as Kai moved away, his face red all over. She giggled to herself when she saw this.

"He must really like you sweetheart."

Now Shana's face turned red and she looked away from them.

"I-Is that so?", Shana said mostly just for saying something and moved away from the group sitting in the far side of the transport. Away from everyone else. She sat there looking over at Kai, who seemed to be talking with Wolf, only she could not make out what they were saying.

"So about our two friends we need to go find...has anyone actually fought them before, because up until a few minutes ago I had no idea they existed."

Pandora looked at Hank and nodded.

"The young man Kai, he fought them on his own. If you want you may ask him about them and maybe what to watch out for", Pandora said.

Commander Carrington looked around and just motioned everyone to take their seats as they would be going back to the Altaira.

"Once we're back at the Altaira we will give a full alert and expand our sensors so we can deploy as soon as possible. Take the time you have to train or rest. It is up to you", Commander Carrington said as she went towards the cockpit and left the party.

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