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Cyan jumped on Nale's shoulder, squealing that they should help as well.


"I know now why you are the survivor.", he said, laughing, still not in control of his body. "Tell me young one. Did you not peek out of the hiding place you were in while I butchered your parents?"

Lyna engaged in a fierce duel with Sethos. Just as she met her lightsaber with his, she glared hard at him. "You're... you're the one who killed my parents?! You sleemo monster! I was just a baby!! One of my parents hid me from you. Thank the Force, I lived the day to see your horrible face!"

She continued to fight him. No matter how strong or powerful he was in the Force... Lyna would defeat him. Somehow. But then she remembered her Jedi teachings. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

The young woman jumped backwards away from Sethos, and stared at him. "I will not fight with fear, anger, or hate. No matter what you do, Sith-- no matter what you say-- I will never fall to your trap."

Lyna raised her lightsaber in Form III of Sorseu opening stance. "I am Lyna Honso! Jedi apprentice and protector of the innocents. And I will not let you cloud my mind with vengeance nor darkness!!"

She looked down at her side. She could see that Cade was in trouble. But if he needed help, the young girl was always there for him. Lyna glared back up at Sethos.
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